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Famous Ducks: Hewey, Dewie, Louie, Daffy, Donald, Aflac Last Updated 10/19/2008
General Nature
USGS, Ducks at Distance
Ducks in England
United Kingdom Safari
Observing Mallard Behavior

Ducks Unlimited

For Kids
Texas Parks and Wildlife

Restaurants and Food
Mill Race Inn, Geneva Il.
DuckPond Wine Cellars

Hatching and Raising
Metzer Farms
Hatching Game Birds
Duck Care (Cornell Univ.)

Companies with duck themes
Aflac Insurance
Aflac Duck stuff
At last a new webbed page and URL just for the duck kindasewer. Please bear with us while we re-hatch Mallard Central. We will be expanding and adding to these pages in the months ahead, so bear with us.

Houston, the duck has landed !!!
Duck Wisdom
If it were not for ducks where would the idea of swim fins have come from?

How would we identify poor doctors?

William would have one less variation on his name.

Could you imagine a Goose Billed Platypus?

What would you think about the children's phrase; Chicken Chicken Goose?

What about Goose tape?

These and other equally tenacious questions are better off left to the imagination of Stephen King.